Terrariums are perfect habitats for mosses, ferns, and other tropical plants. Most terrariums take care of themselves, but here is a detailed guide on terrarium care to help you become a terrarium pro.

Sunlight and Temperature

The best spot for a terrarium is in a brightly lit room, but away from any direct sunlight. In nature, moss prefers to grow in shade. Direct sunlight, especially magnified by glass, will burn moss. Also, warm temperatures increase the chance of mold or fungus growing.

However, moss does need light to grow. Some good spots to consider for example are on a shelf near/under a bright window, in a window shaded by trees, or anywhere away from the window in a room that gets lots of sun.

Water and Air Flow

Here is a small guide to tell if there is enough moisture in your terrarium:

If your terrarium is fully sealed, with a cork or other lid, you will not need to worry about water for weeks or even months. The water inside evaporates and condenses in a tiny water cycle. While I have done my best to ensure that there is the right amount of water, it is always good to check the moisture using the guide above.

Other Terrarium Care Tips


If you spot mold or fungus growing in your terrarium, you can remove it with a q-tip dipped in hydrogen peroxide and remove the affected plants/moss with scissors and tweezers.

You can also trim plants that grow too large. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to trim and remove yellowing or dead leaves and moss.

If you have other questions about terrarium care or tips, contact me!

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