About me

I am a science illustrator, graphic designer, animator, and artist with a background in biology. I create art as a way to share nature’s many curiosities and mysteries.  I am currently based in Fresno, CA, and completed a graduate program in science illustration at California State University, Monterey Bay. 

Initially, my passion for nature led me to study biology. I participated in a research lab collecting crabs from under rocks and analyzing those crabs’ hemolymph in a lab for amounts of egg-laying protein. The narrow specificity of scientific research led me to realize that it was nature’s broad diversity that held my heart.

Now, as an illustrator, I enjoy learning about a range of topics, from the far reaches of space to the tiny worlds of the moss and insects that she collects.  I use visual media to show subjects that are small, far away, unusual, or complicated. My illustrations highlight diversity in the natural world and explain concepts that cannot be captured in one photograph. Creating artwork inspires me to explore the natural world and I hope my art inspires others to do the same.

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